The effects of temperature changes on metal in drilling:

Temperature fluctuations are one of hundreds of variables that engineers must factor into when designing and planning materials and structural requirements at each drilling site. Geological composition of the drilling site, hardness and physical features of the land, and chemicals in the earth create a complex formula for determining the best materials and procedures for maximizing the natural gas extraction process while maintaining all safety and efficiency protocols.

At Precision, we understand the nuances of metal and how its behavior changes in differing temperatures.

The basics
Metal expands and contracts with hot and cold conditions, respectively, as a result of the effects of temperature on their molecular activity. Thermal expansion occurs when the temperature rises, and in the field, can cause the metal to visibly increase in length, width, and surface area.
This physical reaction is an important consideration for well completions projects due to the high temperatures and rugged conditions experienced when drilling through the layers beneath the earth. Having the appropriately treated metal that is designed to perform the job with the specific conditions at hand will directly influence the overall productivity of well operation output.

The resistance factor
The expansion and shrinkage of metals in response to temperature fluctuations are not the only factor to consider. Temperature also has a profound influence on how the electrons within the metal itself create tension. Heat increases the kinetic energy, lessening resistance, while the cold reduces the kinetic energy, resulting in a lesser amount of resistance respectively.
While these two properties of metal are universal and apply to any type of engineering project involving them, special considerations must be held for drilling projects. Miniscule changes in temperature can cause tubes to shorten or lengthen, causing tension at the connecting points for hundreds of yards through the wellbore.

The Precision Solution
Precision is a global leader in developing innovative, field-tested and field-proven solutions to ensure maximum safety and output efficiency are achieved in the field. From initial design through well production, our experienced engineering professionals provide an exceptionally high degree of technical expertise to ensure quality pipe connections or pipe couplings meet the most stringent specifications and application requirements.

Based in Houston, Texas, Precision is a highly specialized couplings and semi-premium and premium connections company that understands the dynamics of temperature and metals in the complex equation they play in oil extraction.

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