Precision connections recommends the use of torque turn monitoring and thread representatives. We believe that it is important to use people who have a considerable expertise in running threads. It is basically cheap insurance since there are so many small details that can derail a good completion. They can train and pass on technical and logistical information to your crew. Each rig is different and we have found that thread representatives can help optimize; typically before game day.

Certified Running Companies have completed training and demonstrated strong technical capability.

Tubular Solutions Inc.

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 (337) 704-0251

 Texas, New Mexico, Ohio, West Virginia,
Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Wyoming

Trojan / North American Tubular Services

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 (936) 661-3330

 Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma

Deep Well Tubular Services Inc.

(405) 397-1915

 Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas

Howards Tubular Service

 (307) 262-9090

 Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, North Dakota

Oilfield services & Technologies LLC


Superior Performance Inc.

 1-800-210-9103 Cashion, OK

  432-381-3500 Casper, WY

  337-837-2129 Lafayette, LA

  432-381-3500 Midland, TX

  210-624-3206 San Antonio, TX

 Louisiana, West Texas/New Mexico, South Texas, Colorado, Wyoming

Noble Casing Inc.


 Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, North/South Dakota, Montana, North Texas, Oklahoma

TRK Casing


 Wyoming, Colorado

Maximum Tubular Makeups


West Texas, South Texas & New Mexico



LOR Consulting


West Texas, South Texas & New Mexico


Secure Connexions


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Cole Enterprises


Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma & New Mexico