Houston, TX: Precision LLC has redesigned and redeveloped its brand to reflect its presence as a modern, innovative, pioneering supplier of couplings and connections to the OCTG (oil country tubular goods) industry. The company partnered with Powered Labs to create an updated visual identity that reflects Precision’s dedication to producing industry-leading products, as well as its unparalleled focus on personalized customer service.

“Precision is comprised of the brightest engineers and product developers in the country,” says Mike Nations, Engineering Manager at Precision. “We are driven by the passion to provide the best quality solution for our clients with minimal risk or profit loss in the production field,” says Mr. Nations.

PC6 & PC8 Premium Tubing Brochure sxPrecision designs and distributes API couplings, premium and semi-premium connections that are used in hydraulic fracturing operations to extract oil and natural gas by drilling horizontally in shale rock formations. Highly complex and variable conditions have placed high stakes on engineering the safest and strongest solutions for maintaining pipe connections throughout production zones. Precision has leveraged its ingenuity to create outstanding products that give peace of mind.

“Our clients power the world,” says Matt Hubbard, Vice President of Precision. “Our visual identity needed to express that more effectively. We are beyond thrilled at the results and the reception we’ve received from our partners, and we are excited to continue the modernization of our brand with our agency partner, Powered Labs.”

“Oil exploration is an industry that is often misunderstood, therefore it was essential that we underline the extraordinary process that Precision undergoes to ensure maximally safe and responsible products,” says Mine Salkin, VP of Marketing at Powered Labs.

“Safety, efficiency, reliability, and support are at the core of everything Precision touches, and every aspect of the brand needed to indicate that,” says Ashton Couture, Founder & CEO of Powered Labs.

Redesigned deliverables for the brand refresh included:

Updated Logo & Typeface

Brand Guidelines, Conventions, Color Layouts

Product brochures

Marketing Collateral & Promotional Items

About Precision LLC

Precision is a provider of innovative API couplings and semi-premium and premium connections for the OCTG (oil country tubular goods) industry. Based in Houston, TX, we provide exceptional support at the local level and have the resources of a multi-national business. All the work we do every day, and all day involves providing our customers with best in class customer service experience. By implementing an inventory-first system, we have been proven to reduce downtime, enhance efficiency, improve the process and lower the overall supply chain cost for our partners worldwide.

For more information, visit www.precision-llc.com

About Powered Labs Inc.

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Mine Salkin

VP Marketing, Powered Labs