There is a boom happening in the shale oil and gas industry in the US right now, and it is only going to get bigger. Hydraulic fracturing techniques present very specific challenges, and Precision is at the forefront of pioneering high-quality solutions for oil and gas extraction.

The Challenge
Horizontal shale layers are harder and are much more difficult to extract hydrocarbon from than a traditional well. Drillers entering this new arena require more sophisticated equipment that will stand the test of time and endure the demands of the elements. We have engineered proprietary premium connections to assist in achieving the highest degree of success with the extraction of shale oil and gas, while simultaneously improving efficiency, safety, and output.

Precision Couplings

The Precision Solution
Precision has been perfecting oilfield couplings and engineering connections to the point of extreme torque capability. Our gas-tight sealing for increased performance has allowed our clients to operate with peace of mind while fracing in the field. Precision is proud to have set higher safety standards as well, as the safety of our clients is a top priority and is considered carefully with each innovative product we develop and launch.

The Future
It is increasingly important for well and rig operators to know that there will be differing outcomes for each gas and oil extraction. These variations can be attributed to features of the region, the extraction potential of the site, and other challenges. Currently, it is crucial to be agile and quick to adapt to the booming industry. At Precision, we are here to support your operations with the most efficient and technologically advanced solutions in the market.

We are dedicated to the development of pipe couplings and casing connections for the oil and gas industry. We offer a selection of premium connections, semi-premium connections, proprietary and API couplings, also called Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG). Our passion is to provide the safest, most reliable and most efficient solutions to our partners. Let us be your premiere pipe couplings and connections – contact our specialists today to get a custom quote.