API couplings and connections company develops and launches into the market a newly designed product for oil and gas exploration

Houston, TX: Precision, a distributor of API couplings and manufacturer of premium and semi-premium connections serving the OCTG industry, introduces the HOSS® Premium Connection to the horizontal drilling and shale gas production market. The HOSS® is a revolutionary product that withstands higher torques, severe bends, and higher frack pressures to allow for faster, safer, and more profitable well completions.

“We are tremendously excited to announce our newest offering of the HOSS® line to our clients and future partners,” says Matthew Hubbard, President of Precision.

The HOSS® directly addresses many of the design concerns of the drilling community in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations.

“The HOSS® is a newly designed, true premium connections designed specifically to provide gas-tight integrity while allowing for superior over-torque performance and enhanced fatigue resistance necessary when operating in extended length horizontal sections,” says Mr. Tom Hartberger, Technical Sales Manager at Precision.

Improving upon a previously successful product, engineers focused on enhancing the thread design on the HOSS®, that was inspired by the BK’s success with its line of patented semi-premium connection.

“The lessons learned from the field proven BK line of patented semi-premium connection’s thread design were incorporated in the HOSS® line and enhanced with a robust radial seal and reverse angle torque shoulder,” says Mr. Hartberger.

“The tightly knit screw threads are manufactured to microscopic precision to resist bending fatigue and create a secondary pressure barrier,” says Mike Nations, Engineering Manager at Precision.

For more information, or to request a HOSS® product brochure, please contact (713) 678-8900.

“We are pleased to offer up our latest innovation to the market and look forward to continuing to support our partners in the field by supplying cutting-edge, innovative technologies to assist them,” says Mr. Hubbard.

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